Which Laptop Power Bank is right for you?

The first and only power bank in South Africa with a 220V AC output to power laptops!  The Vizia AC Power Bank is the first and only power bank in South Africa with a built-in inverter, which makes it perfect for powering laptops during load shedding.

VIZIA AC Power Bank with 150W UPS Inverter 220V

Voltage: 220V AC (max 150W) ,DC 12V,USB-C, 2 x USB , Car Jump Start​

  • Battery Life: 5 Hours
  • Battery Capacity: 150 000Wh (40 800mAh)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion​

Can supply multiple devices simultaneously

What Our Customers Say

This power bank has been very helpful during load shedding. It lasts quite a long time and can also power your laptop and router at the same time by using an extension cable.
Given Illustrative
I couldn't be happier with the controller I installed for one of my garage doors. Initially, I had to address the Wi-Fi signal range in my garage by installing a Wi-Fi extender. Once that was set up, connecting the controller to my network was a breeze. The controller is integrated with my Google Assistant, allowing me to say "Ok Google, open garage door" gets the job done
We fitted it on 24 September and Its working great